The Most Versatile POS System

The Most Versatile POS System

Your POS software should create detailed sales reports supported your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly transactions. This sort of study could provide you with useful insights into the way to manage your business. Like which products need more marketing efforts or the way to improve sales techniques. One cool advantage of POS is that it can build individual profiles of all of your customers. And track their purchase history and shopping habits. 

This might are available handy if you believe repeat business. If you use a business with multiple employees, your POS software can assist you. To manage them even once you aren’t around. This is often achieved through functionalities just like the ability for workers to clock-in. And clock-out and reconcile tips and commissions through the POS system. POS software often cloud-hosted, allowing you to process sales and access your data at any time. From any location employing a web-enabled mobile device. 

Mobile Access

This is especially important if you use your business from multiple locations, like a food truck or fair. POS software can integrate with the spread of other business systems and databases to enable you to manage operations more efficiently, accurately, and consistently. If, for instance, you sell products on an eCommerce platform, your POS system can attach thereto to manage your transactions. Your POS system also can streamline your bookkeeping by exporting data to accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero.

Now that we all know the potential capabilities of a POS system, let’s check out what the highest free POS software products need to offer. Like anything that’s labeled as “free,” there are a couple of caveats. First is that each one of those products adds tandem with POS hardware, which is sold separately (and can run anywhere between $550 and $2,000). 

The 8 Best Free POS Software for little Business

It is also important to clarify that while these are free products, there are some strings attached. Some POS software providers offer a “freemium” model, where you’ll use the free version of their product and upgrade to a paid plan afterward. Others allow you to use their system for free of charge but charge you per transaction. There also are open-source POS software programs that are maintained by online volunteers and sometimes offer a clunkier experience.

Most of those plans will offer you access to the complete range of the aforementioned features, but others will only offer you access to a number of the features. Square POS is one of the foremost feature-rich free POS software options. At no monthly cost, users will receive analytics and sales reports, inventory and customer management features, integration with various eCommerce and bookkeeping platforms, invoicing capabilities, the choice to send digital receipts, and robust date


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